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The Apex performance lowering spring brand was launched in 1984, meaning over 35 years of experience in producing high quality coil springs. The extensive range of part numbers covers a wide range of popular and sometimes unusual vehicles. Apex Automotive is part of the large Austrian Pewag group, who have a long history with metal products, being one of the largest manufacturers of snow chains worldwide.

The quality of the finished product is superb, with a high gloss bright Yellow powder coated finish for the performance lowering springs and gloss black for the equally high quality replacement products, this is on top of a rust protection coating that delivers far above standard results in official salt spray tests. Of course high quality does not just happen by accident and in the case of coil springs it starts with the raw material which is the highest quality Chrome Silicium (CrSI) available, it already has all the right properties needed for a top quality spring including tensile strength of 1.800-2.00N/mm2, and in fact is the same steel as used by some OEM Vehicle manufacturers.

The coiling is done on a high efficiency coiling machines, the spring will then go through an annealing process to reduce hardness, increase ductility and help eliminate internal stress. This process is followed by shot peening to ensure maximum durability and to give the spring the best possible surface for coating.

There are a few options for metal corrosion protection which is the next stage, the classic processes are Phosphating with either Zinc (good protection but not good for environment and therefore not used anymore) or Iron which is good for environment but only offers average protection, this is most commonly used by most spring manufacturers, Apex however apply a very thin layer of Zirkonium / Mangan and Short polymers for better bonding with the topcoat. The final stage is the plastic epoxy powder coating, which is cured (melted) in a furnace.

The result is a high gloss finish in either Black for the replacement product or Yellow for the Performance lowering springs. This has high resistance to chipping and very good corrosion resistance which is double the industry standard for aftermarket springs. These will look better for longer.


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